Spinal Cord Injury

Each year, thousands of individuals are involved in accidents or incidents that cause debilitating injuries. These injuries are those that permanently alter you or your loved one’s lifestyle as it causes victims to suffer from injuries that cannot be cured. Spinal cord injuries are just one of many type of injuries that are a permanent consequence of an accident for many unsuspecting victims. If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident or incident, you need to speak with a personal injury lawyer who can help you determine your rights to relief. For a risk-free initial consultation, contact the Persons Firm today.

Understanding Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is made up of a variety of nerves protected by vertebrae. When an accident or incident occurs that impacts the spinal cord, it is important to understand that the type of injury sustained will vary depending on the part of the spinal cord that was impacted. However, spinal cord injuries are generally divided into two categories, known as incomplete spinal cord injuries and complete spinal cord injuries. Incomplete spinal cord injuries occur when the spinal cord is only partially severed while complete spinal cord injuries occur when the spinal cord is fully severed. An individual with an incomplete spinal cord injury may continue to have some feeling and the ability to control movement below the area that is impacted. Individuals with complete spinal cord injuries will not have these functions.

How do Spinal Cord Injuries Occur?

Spinal cord injuries can be the result of negligence or intentional misconduct. Spinal cord injuries are often the direct result of car accidents, slip and falls, sports-related injuries, and intentional acts of violence. In other cases, the injuries are linked to health complications including diseases that impact the central nervous system. While these are just some common causes of spinal cord injuries, a spinal cord injury could be the result of any accident or incident that causes a sudden blow or piercing of one’s spinal cord.

Speak with Experienced Counsel

When a spinal cord injury is the result of intentional conduct or negligence, you or your loved one may be entitled to monetary compensation for the injuries sustained. In many cases, spinal cord injuries can be treated but not cured. However, the degree of the injury will determine whether a productive and independent lifestyle is something that can be achieved. The attorneys at the Persons Firm understand the permanent nature of spinal cord injuries. Because of this, we want to get you or your loved one that maximum relief available, which accounts for current and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

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