Side Impact Collisions

Side Impact Collisions in Georgia

Due to their nature, side impact collisions are one of the most dangerous and deadly forms of car accidents occurring on Georgia roads. These collisions are often referred to as “T-Bone accidents. Improved safety features—like side or dual airbags and crumple zones designed in modern cars—can help minimize harm in these accidents. However, the reality is that travelers hurt in side impact collision continue to suffer serious injury or even death on a daily basis. Side-impact collisions (often known colloquially as T-Bone collisions) are not as lethal as they once were, but are very serious just the same.

The Risks of Georgia T-Bone Accidents

Side impact collisions often happen at intersections—when drivers do not respect the right of way of others on the road at four-way or two-way stops. They also arise when a driver ignores a red light. Distracted driving is often the cause when operators have divided their attention by texting or talking on a cell phone or some other unnecessary distraction.

The real threat of a T-Bone accident comes from which part of the car absorbs the force. In rear-end or head-on accidents there is much more material separating the passenger or driver from the oncoming car. However, in a side impact collision all that is between a person and the oncoming vehicle is a thin door.

Because of where the impact occurs, drivers and passengers in cars struck on their sides are much more vulnerable to serious injury. Additionally, vehicles struck on their side are often pushed out of their travelling lane, putting them in the path of other vehicles on the road. This is especially troublesome because once air bags are deployed after the initial impact, they cannot be relied on for protection during subsequent contact with other vehicles. To make matters worse the possibility of a rollover after a t-bone accident further puts the passengers and drivers at risk of serious harm.

Injuries in Side-Impact Collisions

Severity of the consequences after a side impact collision can depend on many variables. The speed of the negligent driver and the size of the negligent driver's vehicle influence the extent of the damage. Often SUV's do increased damage when they strike smaller cars because of their weight and because of how high their fenders are. Also the condition of passenger or driver can contribute to the amount of injury suffered. Children are much more vulnerable passengers in a side impact collision when compared to a healthy adult.

Side impact collisions can cause many different forms of injury including death and impairment to the body including broken bones and bruising, and whiplash and herniation, as well as brain trauma. Whiplash injuries can be especially harmful in the context of a t-bone collision. Because the struck vehicle is usually moving forward when it is suddenly jerked, the confluence of forces coming from different directions is significantly more menacing that those felt in a rear end collision.

Contact a Georgia Accident Lawyer

Financial costs will occur as well. These expenses can include medical bills for you or your children, lost or reduced wages, pain and suffering, repair and rental bills, and even funeral expenses and wrongful death benefits. It is not easy to recover, both physically and financially from the effect of a serious car accident. Often, negligent drivers and their insurance companies are uncooperative and are capable of delaying and denying responsibility for the harm caused. They may try to avoid liability even though it is the right thing to do.

This is why it is vital to have a seasoned lawyer who has dealt with insurance companies and reticent defendants on your side. A competent and wise attorney is essential to provide for a proper resolution after a side impact collision. If you have been injured or your property damaged after a side impact collision contact the Persons Firm by calling 770 424 5125 immediately for a free consultation.