Rollover Collisions

Rollover Collisions in Georgia

Rollover collisions are a particularly lethal form of car accident where a vehicle comes to rest on its side or roof. In these accidents, vehicles can actually complete one or more an entire revolutions coming to rest on its wheels. Common scenarios that can create a rollover result include side impact collisions, when vehicles violently swerve to avoid an obstacle, or when vehicles strike an object like a curb when avoiding an obstacle.

Rollover Accidents and Injuries

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rollover accidents are not all that common, compromising roughly 2% of all accidents annually. Yet, rollovers are involved in over one-third of all deadly crashes. The year 2010 alone saw 7,600 lives claimed by rollover crashes.

While any vehicle type is vulnerable to a rollover, some designs are more prone than others. Having a higher center of mass increases risk. This rule of physics makes pick-up trucks, sport utility vehicles, and vans more likely to rollover in comparison to a car that sits closer to the ground. Other features that create a higher likelihood of rollover include a narrow wheel base, and travelling at higher speeds.

Another dangerous characteristic of the rollover crash is the potential complications regarding rescue. Because a vehicle involved in a rollover accident often comes to rest on its roof or side escape from the vehicle can become difficult as doors are often mangled or blocked.

The vast majority of rollover accidents, 85 percent, involve a single vehicle. Commonly they occur when driver loses control of the vehicle and it leaves the paved roadway. Soft soil, steep inclines, or obstructions can act to "trip" the vehicle causing it to rollover.

Liability in Georgia Rollover Accidents

It is important to understand that even when another vehicle is not involved, that does not necessarily mean that the rollover wasn't caused by the negligence of another. Manufacturers of dangerous or poorly designed products are liable in Georgia for the harm that those products cause.

Some vehicles, especially SUVs, have been designed and built to specifications allowing them to tip over too easily when a driver turns the wheel to avoid a road hazard. Even vehicles that are built to be adequately stable on the road are not equipped with proper safety features, like rollover bars in a convertible for example. The lack of vital safety precautions installed by the manufacturer increases the risk of serious injury and death. Other flaws in design can make a vehicle more prone to rollover because it is carrying a heavy load. Thus, when the vehicle makes an abrupt turn the load's inertia acts to flip the vehicle over.

Contact a Georgia Rollover Accident Lawyer

If a multi-car accidents results in a rollover, then those drivers who made mistakes can be held accountable for their conduct. Additionally, if a negligently designed vehicle leads to harm, those hurt deserve compensation for the damage. In some cases, depending on the behavior of the manufacturer, punitive damages could be available to plaintiffs.

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