Product Liability


Product liability cases involve injuries to consumers caused by defective products, such as automobiles, airplanes, prescription drugs, medical devices, and industrial equipment. Many of these products are safely designed, properly constructed, adequately tested and pose no significant risk of danger and harm. However when defective products make it to the marketplace and cause severe injury or death the injury victims or their families can file for damages from all liable parties.

Product liability cases are extremely complex and time consuming.  If a person has been seriously injured by a product that they believe might be defective, it is important that they keep the product and start pursuing the claim immediately.  When a product injures someone, it may be because of a design or manufacturing defect. Product defects usually are one of these categories:

  1. The product's design defects were present before manufacturing.
  2. A product can also become defective because of errors that occur during the manufacturing process, such as when proper safety standards are not met.
  3. A product injures or kills because of improper instruction and failure to warn consumers about the dangers of the product.

Investigating and litigating product liability cases requires the extensive use of highly educated engineering experts. At The Persons Firm, we retain experts and researchers who are familiar with the design and manufacture process to obtain the best possible results for our clients.  We handle product liability litigation on a contingency basis, meaning we charge no attorney's fees until a settlement or verdict is obtained.

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