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Negligent Security

Negligent Security Lawyers in Marietta

Generally, the person who commits a crime against someone else is the one responsible for the harm they cause. However, sometimes, when a business has failed to take adequate measures to protect its visitors from this type of harm, they can also be held accountable. When a business owner knows of an increased risk of danger to those that enter their establishment, they are required to provide reasonable security measures. If you've been injured as a victim of a crime on someone else's property, that business owner might be liable. Marietta negligent security attorneys at The Persons Firm help victims recognize and assert their rights in these types of cases. If you or someone you know has been injured by an act of wrongdoing by an employee or third party that you think was preventable, you may have a claim for negligent security. Please contact our The Persons Firm today to find out more about your right to relief.

Negligent Security

Negligent security, also called inadequate security, is a civil liability claim that is initiated by a victim of a crime. In these cases, the victim or a loved one asserts that a business failed to provide adequate security which could have prevented the crime, and therefore their injuries.

When there is a pattern of criminal conduct on a property, or if the nature of the business being conducted there is prone to criminality, business owners have a legal duty to protect customers. For example, a pattern of criminal conduct may exist when there have been multiple assaults or robberies in a parking lot and the business fails to provide adequate lighting to deter such future crimes. If someone then again gets assaulted in that lot, that could be evidence of negligent security. If you have been a victim of a crime at a Marietta business that you believe could have been avoided with reasonable actions to keep you safe, it is important to consult a knowledgeable negligent security attorney as soon as possible.

Establishing Negligent Security Claims

In any case in which inadequate security is alleged, there are certain elements that must be proven to successfully assert a claim. First, the victim must show they were lawfully on the property where the crime occurred. The victim must also prove the property owner, or other liable party, had the duty to provide reasonable protections to those visiting the premises, either contractually or via another affirmative act. It must also be shown that the defendant-owner failed to take adequate measures to provide those protections, which could have prevented the criminal act.

In personal injury or wrongful death premises liability claims arising out of negligent security, victims may recover damages from those found at fault. A seasoned negligent security lawyer in Marietta can help you gather the necessary evidence to pursue the proper parties and give you the best chance at success in recovering compensation. Victims may be awarded damages for past and future medical costs, loss of income, lost earning capacity, as well as pain and suffering.

Many different failures on the part of a business owner can indicate inadequate security efforts. This includes negligent security guards, not enough security personnel, lack of lighting in stairways, as well as failure to install or maintain security cameras.

Legal Guidance for Marietta Negligent Security Victims

Negligent security claims can be initiated against any business that have acted improperly. Successful suits have been lodged against college dorms, security companies, resorts, hotels, nightclubs, bars, concert venues, and more. When you fight for your right to compensation, you need an attorney who will work just as hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

The Persons Firm is a personal injury law firm located in Marietta, but represents clients throughout Georgia. Our highly experienced negligent security attorneys are known for getting our clients maximum compensation for their injuries. If you or your loved one has been hurt by the negligence of another but are unsure of whether you have a claim, contact us today.

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