Georgia Trucking Accidents: Wheel Separation

Georgia trucking accidents have many different causes. In most cases, however, some form of human error or negligence plays a role.

Wheel Separation- Causes

Wheel separation is one of the more common causes of a truck breakdown and many accidents arise as a result. This breakdown is always a serious event, as even the most professional driver will lose control of their rig as a result. More often than not negligence is at the core of an accident rather than mere bad luck or happenstance.

Federal regulations require routine inspections before hitting the road, but often these inspections are cursory or skipped altogether. According to experts, wheel separation often has its roots in improper inspection and maintenance. Vigorous inspection ensures that rusted, worn, and old parts are identified and replaced. While routine maintenance ensures precautions like proper lubrication is done to provide for satisfactory performance.

Without adequate lubrication the friction and heat it created can be too much for wheel bearings and causes them to deteriorate after time. If there is too much time between lubrications, the wheel can actually come apart from the axle—leaving the rig without a tire and sending the tire itself careening across the highway into oncoming traffic.

The heat created by a fully loaded rig travelling at highway speed is enormous. Unless everyone involved in dealing with the truck is doing their job correctly the risk to other driver is unacceptable.

Other experts point to other potential causes of wheel separation. Something as simple as unsecured lug nuts or lug nuts that have not been put back on after changing a tire can precipitate disaster. Nuts loosen over time and need to be thoroughly monitored. No matter what the source of the wheel separation, it becomes your burden as the plaintiff to prove what caused the accident. That requires expertise.

Truck Accident Litigation in Georgia

If you are hurt in a trucking accident, tour attorney will be there to guide you through the maze of the litigation process. When it comes to wheel separation causing a crash there are several sources of liability and therefore many potential defendants. Understanding these strategies and considerations is the job of a personal injury attorney.

There are many questions to analyze. For example, was the rig being driven negligently putting undue wear on the wheel system? If so, the driver is culpable. Was the load too heavy or unevenly distributed putting unnecessary pressure in the wheels? If that occur, then the warehousing company could be held liable. Was the maintenance done improperly or not at all? If that is true, then the contractor who runs the maintenance service or perhaps the owner operator could be to blame. Were the parts themselves poorly designed or manufactured with faults? If so, the producer of the parts should provide compensation.

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