Georgia Trucking Accidents: Brake Failure

Trucking is a cornerstone of the American economy. But we must never forget that trucks are massive machines, and without circumspect care they become a deadly risk to those who have to share the road with them.

Georgia Trucking Accident Consequences

Big rigs supply a disproportionate amount of the fatal crashes on American roads. In 2010, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that 4% of all registered vehicles were large trucks. However, the percentage of lethal crashes that involve large truck is over double that share at 9% percent. Additionally, much more often than not it is the people surrounding the truck that most suffer. In fact, 86% of deaths in crashes involving large trucks are not occupants of the truck itself.

Moving freight is a big business, and it's a tough business with competition from every direction. Companies are always trying to move freight the fastest offer the cheapest price. That means cutting overhead costs to the absolute minimum to compete, and that can mean ignoring precautions. This sort of negligence results in mechanical error like brake failure.

Trucking Negligence: Brake Failure

There are myriad ways for brakes to not hold up when they are relied on. Often it is a matter of maintenance or defect, but crashes due to inadequate stopping are also created by operation as well. Behaviors that may put too much pressure on braking systems include:

  • Driving over the speed limit
  • Following too close
  • Logging too many hours
  • Being undertrained
  • Driving aggressively or distracted
  • Driving too fast than present road conditions will safely allow

Other factors besides driving can cause brake failure. Ignoring routine maintenance creates risk. A design or manufacturing defect is often the culprit. Additionally, history has shown that even when parts manufacturers announce a product recall, or when recalls are mandated by federal regulators, freight companies disregard them.

Georgia Truck Accident Lawsuits

At times brake failure often results from a combination of events. This complexity in causes and potential sources of liability make it essential to hire an experienced attorney to prosecute your claim following a Georgia trucking accident. Reaching out to a competent attorney must be done as soon as possible. In cases like this, evidence has a tendency to become difficult or impossible to track down if too much time passes after an accident.

For example, your attorney will quickly act to locate and preserve evidence required to demonstrate your case like log books and maintenance records. This type of paper trail is useful to see if stopping distance was unacceptably increased because of overloading or because the truck itself was oversized. Records may also show if required maintenance was actually performed before the crash happened.

Your attorney could know from prior exposure to similar circumstances if certain trucking companies have behaved negligently in the past. For instance, have there been instances where the company used parts rated for lighter loads or smaller trucks to cut costs in the past? Does the company have a history of depowering front brakes and negligently relying on rear brakes?

Call a Truck Accident Attorney in Georgia

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