Dog Bites

Experienced Georgia Dog Bite Lawyers

Dogs are great creatures and wonderful companions, however, some dogs can attack without warning causing devastating injuries. At the Persons Firm, we are experienced in handling dog bite cases. We have litigated dog bite cases with injuries ranging from the victim receiving puncture wounds with minor scars to death resulting from a dog attack. Regardless of the injury, in nearly every case the attack was described as painful and terrifying. The law in Georgia in this area has evolved over recent years and we thoroughly understand the issues and laws about dogs.

Thousands of Georgians are bitten by dogs every year and unfortunately, children are most often the victims of dog attacks. Dog bite wounds do not always heal well and child victims are often left with permanent scars. These scars not only serve as daily reminders of the attack, but can be points of ridicule from other children. It is our opinion that with dog bite cases involving children it is even more important to recover the full value of the claim from the insurance company.

Regardless of where the incident took place, many dog bite incidents will be covered by home owners insurance. Part of our evaluation is to determine all available insurance coverage for a particular incident. Often this requires filing suit to utilize the subpoena powers of the Court to gather all necessary insurance information.

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